Digital/Online Account Opening Process

Digital/Online Account Opening Process

Feat Systems

5 years
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UiPath RPA Bot controlling eKYC Process via cognitive chatbot

The complete process summarise as below along with process architecture & video presentation.

User Side(Cognitive ChatBot)
- ChatBot asks customer/user to Input Pancard, Aadhaar details
- ChatBot asks customer/user to Upload Pancard and Aadhaar copy (PDF) to FTP
- ChatBot asks customer/user to Input Aadhaar OTP from user
- ChatBot provide all data to RPA Bot via API
- ChatBot provide account information to customer provided by RPA Bot via API

Backend (RPA)
- RPA Bot Open eKYC webApp
- RPA Bot Enter Aadhaar & PAN
- RPA Bot Validate Aadhaar with OTP
- RPA Bot Fetch Aadhaar detail
- RPA Bot Download PDF from FTP
- RPA Bot Open Download Aadhaar PDF
- RPA Bot Match Aadhaar Detail with PDF using OCR
- RPA Bot Submit Form to eKYC App
- RPA Bot Submit Data to CRM and BackOffice systems to generate new account code.
- RPA Bot provide customer account information to ChatBot via API

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